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Safari Hats

Safari and Outback hats are actually different types of hats. A Safari is a Fedora that has been blocked with the brim turned down. Most Safari hats have the same center dent and side indents as Fedora hats. Legend has it that the term "Safari hat" was coined around the turn of the 20th century, when people turned down the brim of their Fedoras while on safari to protect against the sun. Modern Safari hats are blocked with the brim down and come in a variety of materials, including cotton, wool, straw and leather. While some people refer to a Pith Helmet as a Safari hat, we are not including Pith Helmets in this category.

Generally an Outback hat is considered an Australian version of the cowboy hat. The upturn of the brim and the crown shape are not as dramatic as the cowboy hat, and most Outback hats are less structured when compared with cowboy hats. The Outback comes in a variety of materials, similar to what is available in the Safari hat. Also, many Outback hats have chin cords to keep the hat from flying away while you ride your horse in the Australian Outback.

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