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How to Measur Your Hand for Glove Size

Size is the circumference of your palm, measured around the knuckles of the fingers only, or, the length of your hand (which ever is greatest).

  • Use a cloth measuring tape, if you don't have a cloth mesuring tape, use a string and then measure the string.
  • Measure around the palm, over the knuckles ("A").
  • Then, measure from tip of the middle finger to base of the palm ("B").
  • Round the measurement up to nearest 1/2 inch (example, 9 1/4 would be 9 1/2).
  • Use the largest of the 2 numbers ("A" or "B") - this is your glove size in inches.
  • Compare that measurement to chart below to determine the size you need to buy.
        Glove size chart

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